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CCMI Clinic Partnership Program

The Complete Concussion Management (CCMI) program provides partnered clinics with the platform to implement an effective, evidence-based concussion management program.

Through practitioner education and continuous research updates, a state-of-the-art database system, access to marketing resources and technology tools, the CCMI program has proven to help our partnered clinics improve patient outcomes and stay at the forefront of concussion management.

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See for yourself how CCMI’s Concussion Management Program has benefited our partnered clinics.

CCMI Practitioner Certification Course

The most comprehensive online concussion management training

The CCMI online practitioner course provides licensed healthcare practitioners with an in-depth understanding of the current research and evidence-based practices of acute and chronic concussion assessment, diagnosis, management and treatment.

The CCMI practitioner certification course is recognized by a number of continuing education boards globally.

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